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Skyward by Brandon Sanderson: A Thrilling Sci-Fi Adventure That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Se

Updated: Mar 27

I recently finished Skyward by Brandon Sanderson and I can confidently say that it was an incredible read! This science fiction novel follows Spensa, a determined young pilot who is determined to prove her worth in a world that has been at war for generations.

The world-building in this novel is exceptional and Sanderson does an incredible job of creating a rich and complex universe. The descriptions of the various planets, ships, and technology were all incredibly vivid and engaging. I was especially impressed with the way he crafted the different cultures and societies.

The characters in this novel are also well-developed and likable. Spensa is a strong protagonist with a unique voice and a lot of determination. The story follows her as she battles with her own insecurities, as well as the oppressive society that she lives in. Additionally, the other characters all bring something different to the story and I found myself easily connecting with them.

The action in this novel is intense and thrilling. From the dogfights in the sky to the political battles on the ground, there is never a dull moment. I found myself constantly on the edge of my seat and I couldn't put the book down.

My favorite aspect of this book is the way it explores the themes of courage and redemption. Spensa's journey is one of growth and self-discovery as she navigates her way through a world filled with adversity.

I highly recommend Skyward to anyone looking for a gripping and thrilling sci-fi adventure. It is a story of courage and redemption that will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you rooting for Spensa the entire way. Take a look at another Sci-Fi review we've done recently, ARC by Devon C. Ford, also check out Skyward on Amazon!

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