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A Kiss in Time: A Magical and Unexpected Reimagining of a Classic Fairytale

Updated: Mar 27

For those looking to be whisked away to a world of adventure and enchantment, Alex Flinn's A Kiss in Time is the perfect book. This charming retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty story is an engaging and captivating read. The imaginative story follows the brave and determined teen, Talia, as she embarks on a quest to save her kingdom and reunite with the prince who kissed her awake.

Flinn's writing is full of wit and humor, creating a lighthearted atmosphere even in the most dire situations. Her characters are realistic and nuanced, allowing readers to connect with the story and its characters in a way that will keep them turning the page. The romantic aspect of the story is carefully crafted and sprinkled throughout the story, allowing for a sense of anticipation and excitement for the reader.

The setting of A Kiss in Time is well-developed and vivid. Flinn's descriptions of the kingdom and its inhabitants bring the story to life, making it easy for the reader to become immersed in the magical world. With its combination of adventure, fantasy, and romance, A Kiss in Time is an ideal book for readers of all ages.

A Kiss in Time is sure to leave readers enchanted and wishing for more. Alex Flinn's reimagining of the classic Sleeping Beauty story is a captivating read that is sure to keep readers entranced and eager to discover what will happen next. With its charming characters, vivid setting, and engaging story, A Kiss in Time is a must-read for anyone looking for an exciting and romantic adventure.

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